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About Save India Save Indian group
A deliberate attempt is visible in our country to orient it on racial and communal lines. The strong social fabric which kept India integrated and strong for long appears to be at the brink of collapse. The narrative that is being developed is counterproductive; it deserves a very serious and critical evaluation.
Unsound and intellectually untenable propositions and folklores are being painted as history to nurture hatred for targeted communities. This is fast poisoning the young minds who unfortunately fail to realise it; otherwise, brilliant minds of our nation are getting paralysed to think independently and objectively that are a necessary ingredient for a nation to be strong. The resulting intellectual catastrophe awaiting the nation is doomed to be tragic for the youngsters specially. If allowed to go unchecked we will soon be a nation of incapables and simply the goers by the rhetoric.

More important question, however, is how to check this menace? Obviously the first and foremost step should aim at making the young minds realise the absurdity of this narrative. This is to be done not with a reactive mind-set but with honesty, integrity and objectivity and with a neutral mind-set. It should be realised that each community has its share of good and evils and the history is a witness to it. No community is justified in claiming that their past has been absolutely clean and shorn of evils. Second step should therefore be to understand and present to the people that the roots which constitute the community’s behaviour neither justify the hate mongering nor unnecessary sharing the burden of the history.

This is the scenario in which we must develop a fresh narrative for Indians to adopt both socially and individually. Our addressees are mainly the young males and females of the country and through this website we invite them to partner with us in this narrative building.

Save India Save Indians is a group of Indians that believes in the pluralistic values enshrined in our Constitution. We strive to safeguard the human rights of all Indians, particularly of the minority communities and the weaker sections of the society. We encourage healthy dialogues and debates, coalition building and networking
We assure our readers that objectivity and neutrality will be guaranteed in the debate, and the content we will post on this website.

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